Darn it...

Woke up this morning coughing my little lungs out - Dr. says it's definitely a chest infection. The lovely S from another arts centre is covering my shift tonight... bless her. The doc wants me to rest, and I have today, but I'll have to go back to work tomorrow. The boss is also out sick, and J is in Aussie on her holiday so we're definitely low on the staffing front. At least this may account for why I've been feeling so tired recently. Doctor says that he'll wait until I'm back in relative health to do the bloods, if I'm still feeling tired. Anyway, off to bed for more of this rest stuff. Ick.

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  1. Hope you're feeling better soon! The weather in this part of the world can't be helping much... I've been sick the past week too, & can feel earaches coming on.. damn cold & rain!