I'm baa-ack

A whole week since I last posted - I made an attempt to post while I was at my cousins, but the computer threw a spaz at me trying to log in to the Blogger website, so I flagged it. Had the best time, did so many things and enjoyed my time with old and new friends. Didn't manage to make it out clubbing at all, but life was serendipitous in the way it worked out. The Saturday night clubbing plans were put on hold after it started snowing - which I had so wanted for it to do while I was there - and put aside for drinking in front of the fireplace at the cousins' gorgeous villa. Pre-mixed cocktails are the devil LOL and it gives me an excuse to go down in summer and party hard with B at the clubs. Will go into further details in a later post, but the holiday itself was marvellous... and had another "Universe loves me!" moment on the way home. I was one of the last to check in for my flight and only centre seats were available. I was a bit disappointed as I'd hoped to see both Christchurch and Auckland lights (it was a night flight). Anyway, I resigned myself to the fact that I'd chosen to spend some great time with S & B rather than get to the airport early to get a seat and I was happy with that. It comes time to board and I hop on the plane and into my middle seat. The gentleman with the aisle seat comes on and sits down, and finally the last guy for our particular row comes in with his 3 friends. He apologises to us, says he got the seat placements muddled and would we mind shuffling one over so that he could sit on the aisle and talk to his friends. I got my window seat! And it was every bit as wonderful as I thought it would be. Absolutely knackered from my full on holiday and a little sad that I'm back, but more details on the fun times tomorrow.

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