Leaving on a jet plane...

Well, sort of. Fly out tomorrow for seven beautiful days in Christchurch (well, six and a half if I'm being pedantic). Sooooo busy today and even this post is being typed in at hyperspeed LOL. My boss forgot to submit my timesheet last week so I didn't get paid yesterday (d'oh) so I spent most of the morning rushing around getting the check from payroll (not the same site that I work on), taking the cheque to the bank of issue so that I could be paid the money in cash (rather than waiting for it to clear) and then taking the money to my bank (about a kilometer away from this bank - too short to drive, but a long way to walk when you are trying to be quick about it LOL) and depositing it in. After that I decided to splurge on getting a neck and shoulder massage from one of those little mall kiosks (I've been having some pain, so possibly the best $20 I spent in ages) and got my eyebrows waxed (a necessity, not a luxury LOL). Plugged in my digital camera and downloaded photos for the first time and I'm just about to run out the door to a personal training session... heck knows how that's going to go seeing I've been to sick to go to the gym recently... then it's home, shower, and glamming up for this work dinner in Botany Downs tonight.
In the process of organising to have high tea with a couple of girl friends at the Langham - it's $28 or $54 if you have champagne as well... one of the girls decided at short notice to have her engagement party this weekend and I'm going to miss it (LOL just can't win there) so this is sort of a make-up event. It's a bit of a splurge, but I'm going to be working full-time day shift the week I get back so it's easily covered.
Not quite sure how often I'll get to update this blog while I'm in Christchurch... still love ya anyway :D

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