Oh my god I've turned into Cookie Monster

Without going into the gruesome details, I have been such a bottomless pit today - eating everything in sight... not the smartest thing to do when I'm trying to get in shape. I'm guessing that it's just the fact that I feel absolutely stuffed from all the work and two days at uni... I tend to eat more when I'm tired and there must be some scientific reasoning behind that. Still, one negative move doesn't commit you to continuing down a negative path so I'll have to start making positive moves. If dinner (waiting for me at home after work) is something that will keep well then I'll just leave it for lunch tomorrow and I'll hop back on the wagon tomorrow.
On the upside I'm getting plenty of exercise being back on campus this week - rushing from building to building, up stairs and down ramps - and some extra exercise today getting completely lost while looking for my history class. The three classes I've had so far (out of the four that I'm participating in) have all been quite interesting so that will make for a good semester. If I can just steer clear (for the most part) of buying coffee on campus - the food is cheap but the coffee pricey, go figure - then I should do well.

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