Have I said how much I love my job before?

Because I really truly do... this semester is a bit yucky because I have classes that go (theoretically at least) until 4pm twice a weekand then work starts at 5. I have to travel about 20 kms from the university to my work and the easiest way to do that in Auckland's hectic traffic is to drive to the train station nearest work in the morning, catch the train from there and then race to catch a train that leaves 4:15 latest... Monday wasn't a problem because the lecture ended at about 3:40, giving me plenty of time to catch a bus down to the train station (def quicker) and then the train to my station. Today's lecture was all stuffed up, due to a mess-up and clashes with tutorial times, and he didn't finish until 3:55. Taking into account that this particular university building was nowhere near a bus route, the result was that I had to sprint to the train station to get the 4:10 train. It should have got me there by 4:50, but it was more like 5:10 (god knows why) - after flooring it to work and apologising to my boss she told me not to stress about it and that on Mondays and Wednesdays that if I was under half an hour late that wouldn't be a problem, just to give her a text and they'd cover the desk until I got here. Obviously I won't get paid for the period that I don't work but I can't complain about that resolution. It was what I'd hoped for really, as I didn't want to have to take my car into the city (with associated petrol, parking, etc costs) but I didn't really want to have to ask whether it was okay. Another case of putting it out there in the universe?

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