Sometimes we get so bogged down in the mire of everyday life that we forget to realise how much beauty and blessing we have in the world around us. I arrived at work today with a stress level of about seven - worried about the two assignments I have due on Thursday and Friday of this week (as well as the two due next Monday, all separate papers - nice timing profs!). I opened my email inbox to see a couple of tasks that would limit the amount of studying that I could do at work (which I must note IS allowed) and an email from a colleague saying that people were coming by this evening to look at the piano, etc in the foyer. While not being aware of what this etc entailed, the combined news had me rolling my eyes a bit... no quiet night at work for me.
Turns out the etc was basically a full run through of the classic concert that they are performing on Sunday. I know opera and its ilk may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I loved it. It was like an hour and a half of being serenaded (if only the singer didn't look quite so much like Pavarotti...). I am lucky to have this job that I love and I am blessed with opportunities such as this. If I take a deep breath I also realise that I am blessed with the mind to allow me to juggle those assignments and I will be fine - I just need to have belief in myself and that the world will support me in ways I may not understand.

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