Short short update

I took the day off uni today to try and catch up on assignments... with everything that's been going on at home, I'm not as on the ball as I usually am. It also doesn't help that all four of my papers have assignments coming due... one tomorrow, one Friday and two on the following Monday. I've managed to finish off the Due-Thursday assignment this morning and hope to bang out the kinks of the Due-Friday assignment before work this afternoon. That will leave the shorter Due-Monday one to be hit out tomorrow night (after surprise evening lecture) and Friday if necessary and give me all weekend to focus on the more complex Due-Monday essay... minus the meet-and-greet date with Mr Wrigley on Saturday afternoon and the circus with PCock and her partner (PCoppa) on Saturday night. I just need to keep telling myself that I can do this, that its manageable, and that I'm gifted in English so to stop worrying! Breathe and affirm... that's the moral of the story for today, kids.

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