I really want a pie...

Damn these winter cravings! The weather is cold and murky outside and I'm looking for something nice and warm to have for lunch (I may have to go into work this afternoon) and we don't have any microwave pies... is this a quintessential kiwi thing? This lust for crispy pastry, chunks of steak and lots of oozy brown gravy?
In saying that I think I could sate my winter warmth hunger by grabbing a chicken satay stick from the bakery near our house, but I'm a little worried I'm becoming addicted LOL I have to try and limit myself to a couple of their peanutty delicious goodness per week :) Is this an oral fixation that I've picked up to replace smoking in times of stress? If so, there's sure got to be a healthier way to do it...


  1. Oooooooh I haven't had a NZ pie in YEARS! They are soooo much better than Australian pies :)

  2. I didn't manage to sate my pie hunger that day, but the following day I had a big peppersteak pie and it was perfect! Nom nom nom :)