Just a quick post ... I still haven't showered yet!

I'm really excited about tonight... going to a friend's house (Ginger Ninja) for dinner, we're then going to a party which may or may not be awesome depending on if the ex (Excess) is there... oh who am I kidding, I'm going to have a great time anyway, even if he's there with his troll of a new Mrs. Then a group of us girls are hightailing it down to one of the local bars where we are going to dance our little socks off. I'm going back to Ginger Ninja's to stay and she's promised to make me waffles for breakfast tomorrow - I feel so spoilt! I've got my alky-ma-hole all packed and ready to go... I just need to look at glamming myself up a little more before I head off :) Woop woop! Too much coke already :D

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