...I almost forgot to tell you the best thing that happened to me this morning! I got up nice and early to take my car to get a warrant of fitness at our local mechanic. I went up to a cafe in the village for breakfast and then meandered down. The mechanic working on my car was new, and advised me that my two back tyres needed replacing to get my warrant of fitness. I told him that I couldn't afford that today (have just had the two front ones replaced LOL) and to just fail the car (which would then give me 28 days to replace the tyres) and I'd bring it back in when I had the cash. The manager of the business walked up to the counter when I was standing there and I said "Well for once it's just the tyres that need fixing" - my car has been a bit of a lemon in the past - "I'll book it back in in a couple of weeks time when I have the time and money". He told the guy to chuck the tyres on the car and pass me anyway, telling me to just fix it up when I can! The new guy was pretty gobsmacked too, but the manager explained that we get our cars serviced there all the time and that he knows we're good for it and that I need a warranted car at the moment (he knows about mum's condition). So at the moment I'm driving round with roughly $300 of tyres and labour I haven't paid for, as well as a warranted car. Woop!

PS - do feel a bit bad about it so I'm getting my dad to go down next week and pay them off. I'd rather owe my parents money than a business :)

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