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I had my interview for my teaching grad school yesterday. I've had panel interviews for jobs before but this was the first time that I've had a panel/group interview... and I have to say that I'm not loving the whole group interview scenario. The guy in my group was a total pompous ass harping on about how his biggest challenge in a school environment would be the petty dictatorships and that he would have to find a school that would suit his tender nature - okay I made up the "tender nature" but it was along those lines. Part of me was okay with it because I think it made me look like a better candidate, but I also felt like he kind of monopolised the time in the interview and there was a lot more that I would have liked to have said that I didn't get the chance to.
In saying that, I think I made a good impression. When asked what I thought my biggest challenge would be as a teacher, I said that I could be quite snide and acerbic when I'm irritated and I would have to watch that around the class... reign in my sarcasm, etc. One of the interviewers said that he didn't necessarily qualify that as a bad thing LOL. They were also impressed that I'd done two school visits and that I had attended at my old school (what's classified in the NZ system as a lower decile school) which has somewhat declined in social standing since I was there. I believe that they think that I probably had the most realistic picture of what being a teacher would be like and that the fact that I was still keen on doing it would stand in my favour. We also had to do a language proficiency test but I can't imagine that I did badly on that :). We find out whether we are in within the next couple of weeks!
In other news, Mum starts chemo today! I'm so excited, even though it seems like a weird thing to be excited about. At least something is finally happening to make her better.

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