Promised Mum Update

Well it wasn't as positive as we had hoped but it could have been worse.
My mum has been classed as a stage 4 because it has moved into the nodes in her neck as well - that doesn't mean it's terminal, but it does mean that it's moving fast to metastisise in various places. She's been diagnosed as HER-2 positive too, and this means that she'll be on Herceptin for the rest of her life, even once (thinking positive!) she's in remission. The thing that sucks balls, for want of a better more lady-like term, is that we won't have a prognosis for another six months ... after she's done six freakin' rounds of chemo! Basically, when they go to do the masectomy they'll have a far better indication how much longer she's going to be around. My parents have already decided that once mum is in remission, they're going to go on that Europe trip that they had always planned - life's too short to not do the things you would love to do.
Which leads me to a dilemma I've been mulling over at the moment, and that is dating. I feel ready to date, but wonder whether I should just put it all on hold with mum being so crook. I'm not even sure how to bring it up with a guy but it's a big part of my life. I'm thinking that I move back to more passively dating - being open to the options out there, but waiting for an exceptional guy that will understand my situation. Shrug, it's so hard to know.

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