Where did the sandman go?

It never rains and then it pours - since having that terrible fatigue before I got sick, I've now switched completely in the opposite direction and it seems like my body is only wanting five or so hours of sleep at night. So rather than lie in bed and torture myself, I've jumped back out of bed and I'm enjoying the piece and quiet of the house while I have it all to myself. I've managed to get silly little tasks done like sorting out my google reader and my friends lists on social networking sites so that I get all the information that I need in the most efficient manner possible :) I can be such a geek at times but I am loving this digital spring cleaning of the online variety... I did it recently with my off-line files; creating a filing system that allows me to retrieve the items I want quickly and easily - intuitively if you will. And what else is a girl to do at 3 in the morning :P
I do actually want to print out some uni stuff, but I'm worried that the noise will wake up the sleeping bears (AKA my family).
Night night everyone :) Sleep tight if you can, and be efficient if you can't (hee hee)

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