Guess where I'm going on my next BIG holiday??

Photo Credit to Bernardoh
If you read back in my blog you'll know exactly how much I loved my holiday in Christchurch earlier this year and I've been trying to think of something similar to do in my winter holidays next year... le result - Sydney here I come! I know it's like nine months away, but it never hurts to plan in advance :)
I'm so excited... I organised my passport last year for a trip with Ex-S that never eventuated so it will be a great chance to dust the cobwebs off that as well as it being a great destination for my first foray into Australia (not my first trip overseas, but that's a whole other post!)
So possums, I extend the floor to you. Where are your must sees/must stays/must do-s in Sydney? How long should I be looking at staying? Look forward to hearing your advice!

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  1. Sydney is so fabbbb! If you want to shop hit Pitt St Mall, Oxford St (for top end/boutiques etc) ... make sure you indulge in some chocolate/coffee at Max Brenner on Oxford St (bondi end, not city end) or Manly wharf. Take the ferry from Circular Quay to Manly. Go out to the Northern Beaches (catch the L90 from railway square, across from central and wakeup! hostel). If you do stay in Wake Up (which you must) be sure to make your way down to Side Bar (the basement bar) where you'll drink copious amount of grog and make loads of new backpacking friends! ...come to think of it, I really should send you a Sydney to-do email, shouldn't I?