"If there's anything I can do for you, let me know..."

I had a text from HealthyBunny this afternoon saying exactly this. I'd just sent her a text saying that my mum was having a chemo-related complication - it's most likely to be an infection of her portacath site (further info here - ignore that its on a testicular cancer website LOL) and so that was a bit worrying but I was off my crutches *Yay* and life was chugging along. That's when she replied with "If there's anything..." and really, there isn't much.
One of the things I am struggling with at the moment is that there's barely anything I can do either. Mum's sick at the moment (and with no white blood cells to fight it off - awesome) and apart from taking up a bit of extra slack around the house there isn't a damn thing I can do apart from pray and hope that she gets better. I feel so useless... that this is one thing I can't fix. None of my "real life" friends read this, but I guess the one thing they can do for me is forgive me being a little brittle and vague right now, appreciating that this is the one time that I can't be there for them 100%.
On brighter topics, I'm going on a trip to the fire station this weekend! How fun is that? I feel like a little kid again and maybe I'll meet a hunky fire fighter LOL.

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