Naughty naughty...

I just had a bit of a splurge at the mall.... I finally bought those Lolita sunglasses that I had been dying to get forever :) I also bought some cute little CZ earrings, a really sexy pair of black snakeskin low heels and a petticoat.
Yes, a petticoat. I have a beautiful black broderie anglaise dress that wraps and is total fifties-housewife. I don't wear it as often as I like though, due to the major flashing factor that can occur should there be even the smallest gust of wind. I was lying in bed a couple of nights ago thinking... "Wow, I could so wear that dress more often if I got a black petticoat..." et voila! I have. Sometimes the old-fashioned solutions are the best :)


  1. Shopping is NEVER naughty scribbles - it's a total necessity! Your purched merch sounds awesome!

    LOVE your blog!

    Lisa x