Week starting Sept 7th

How did I do? For a week full of stretch goals, I think I did okay:
  • Do a good solid effort at getting the house tidy before Friday - It took five loads of washing and one FULL rubbish bag of garbage, but definitely achieved!
  • Get at least 12 more squares of the blanket for FarmBub done - Currently standing at ten - could possibly finish by the end of tonight... at least this is got me motivated to finish it :)
  • Get to the gym three times next week - Epic Fail! TMI warning but I got the most shocking lady cramps and exercise was not high on my list of things to do.
  • Start in on assignments - I didn't get as much achieved as I'd hoped to with these (I need to access information that I can't get until I'm back in uni or at work) but I definitely started so this gets an Achieved as well.
  • File that paperwork -Incomplete. A good effort made, but I got sidetracked by decluttering the rest of my room... reading stories you've written as a child are hysterical. There's a poem that I read in a collection of poems I wrote that's actually pretty impressive if it's a "me" original... if you're lucky I might just post it :)
Hmmm... if this was a school report, it would probably say "Scribbles is not working to her full potential" LOL. A lot of these goals need some extra work - so they can be somewhat repeated in the week to come:
  • Get at least 10 more squares of the blanket for FarmBub done - That will leave me with just ten more to complete the blanket on the week after... Yay!
  • Pick up some polarfleece to line the blanket and get FarmBaby's initials embroidered on it!
  • Get to the gym three times next week - Once the "lady cramps" disappear there is no excuse. No one wants a fat MOH.
  • Finish one assignment - I just need to get one more piece of info next Wednesday and then there isn't anything to stop me from finishing it (a week and a half early - less stress that way) .
  • File that paperwork and don't get distracted by childhood memories! You want your computer up in your room, don't you Scribs?
UPDATE: Annie would also like me to make a goal to enjoy myself and be proud of what I have achieved - that's a great goal! Duly added!


  1. Let's make a goal to enjoy ourselves, and be proud of our efforts :D

  2. That is sooooo true Annie, and often something I forget, although I end up having fun along the way :) Duly noted :D