Nose back to grindstone...

My lovely mid-semester break is over and I'm back at university. My attendance last semester was somewhat... shall we say "sporadic"?... as we dealt with everything that was going on at home with Mum and so I've assigned myself the task for the latter half of the year of making sure I go to all my classes. I didn't do as well in a couple of the assignments as I'd hoped, so there's definitely improvement that can happen there!
It's somewhat depressing when you receive your living costs from your student loan and pay out about $80 of the $150 on transport alone in the first day... and this is what students are meant to live on. I drive to the train station nearest my work (otherwise I would struggle to make it to work on time a couple of days a week) and then catch the train the rest of the way to the city (45mins still, only in AKL!) In my teaching school interview the woman administering the language comprehension tests told us that ideally we wouldn't work outside of our placements for the year... now considering I pay my parents $125 rent (which would be more - and has been - if I was living with people who didn't feel obliged to keep me LOL) and transport may be even worse next year (multiple transfers or driving my car) I'm not exactly sure how this is meant to work for students who aren't being funded by a partner or kind parents :) Sorry lady, I'm going to have to work! Luckily I have a cruisy job that will let me either take care of my social admin - like you special darlings! - or knuckle down and study if that's what I really need.
And in random little Scribble-ness... I haven't been getting enough sleep lately, and sometimes it's obvious :) I have two pairs of pants that fit well at the moment and I've worn them to the point this winter that they are starting to wear out. I happened to sit down cross-legged in the hallway while waiting for a class yesterday and the middle of my thigh started to feel a bit of a breeze.... sure enough, I look down and there's a hole in the seam about the girth of my index finger. So what does tired old Scribbles do? Sits there looking at the hole and poking her leg jelly through it until it's time to go to class. You can tell I'm tired when something as tiny as this distracts me LOL

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  1. Oh man I totally do that too! If I have a hole in my clothes or scab or something I'll pick it for hours. Great minds think alike!