Week starting 14th Sept

How did I do?
  • Get at least 10 more squares of the blanket for FarmBub done - DONE! So close to being finished now!
  • Pick up some polarfleece - Delayed. Ms Bee is a former fabric store employee and she advised me to wait a couple of weeks to go on sale
  • Get to the gym three times next week - Failed... kind of. I've been really active, just haven't managed to make it to the gym.
  • Finish one assignment - I decided to work on both ones due within the next fortnight, so I have two partially completed.
  • File that paperwork - Done.
Goals for next week:
  • Keep my room as perfect as it looks now - so easy to relax in
  • Write in my gratitude journal every day
  • Use my train commute time constructively
  • Celebrate my gorgeous friends who are there for me :)


  1. haha! i've been telling myself to exercise ALL summer but... summer's almost ending and i haven't picked up those running shoes yet. argh!

  2. LOL well here it's been winter and I just have fallen into the habit of hibernating... meanwhile my gym membership ticks away :P
    I was fatter last winter and I'm sure I was warmer, maybe not exercising is not a terrible thing LOL