Yay! and a bit of a ramble...

Short blog today people - my mum is home! And already she is bored. Like mother, like daughter - she doesn't know how to slow down either.
In sad news, PCock and PCoppa split up so we're doing a girly vacay this weekend down to the Mount. Going to soak in the hot salt water pools and walk along the beach and then meet up with my cousin Mr. Survey to explore some of the town's hot spots. I am so excited! Last time I was down this way was with Ex-S and he so was not the dancing, pub-crawling type (majority of time was spent sleeping... yawn... and no, that isn't a euphemism LOL) so this is my opportunity to explore the town the way I want!
Does anyone know of anywhere that does a loose-fit black cardi? I've got a couple of voluminous dresses that I'd like to make use of in spring as well as summer, but they don't look right with the tight, streamlined cardis that seem to be available in most of the chain stores. And unfortunately my knitting prowess only extends to blankies and scarves at the moment. Been trying the op shops (thrifting) but to no avail.
LOL well got to go possums... mum and I are talking about my first love and how that was eight years ago that we got together and six years since we broke up (awesome that he's one of my mates now!) and she insists on tormenting me with "You're getting oooooooold" over and over again - hospital obviously made her far too well!


  1. when I was in Chch a month or so ago, Glassons had some really nice comfy but not fitted knit style cardis that came down to below the hips.. not sure if they'd still have them?

    glad your mums home!!

  2. Thanks Katie - I'd kind of given up on House of G about a year ago or so when they seemed to alter the cut of their tops... my cup runneth over, let's just say... but it's worth investigating! Thanks!

  3. Ooooooh, sounds like you have a fabulous weekend planned! :) And I'm sorry I can't help much in the cardigan department, but I haven't been shopping in NZ for at least four years! :o