I'm sitting at my desk at work with my eyeballs about to fall out of my head with tired acheyness, struggling to stop the keyboard from making a Qwertyuiop on my head as I flop down onto the keyboard, eying up the clock to see when I can go home and just flop into my bed and yet I'm oddly happy... why is this?

I handed in my last essay for the year today! Two exams (one on Thurs, one on the 17th) and I am done. As much as I have really enjoyed studying something that I love this year, I can't deny that I am supremely grateful that my summer holidays are just around the corner.

Other things I'm grateful for today?
  • Building an awesome friendship with one of my cousins - there's less than a year between us, but we also have another boy cousin closer to his age. Growing up, I always hung out with the next cousin up the tree from me (about five years older and a boy - he must have LOVED me tagging along) and M always hung out with A. Thanks to the wonders of Facebook, even though he lives further away than ever before, I'm his go-to wise chickie-cousin and he's my convenient place to stay in a gorgeous beach town LOL.

  • My new duvet - an early christmas present from the 'rents. Even though I have a queen sized bed I've been coveting a king sized duvet that I can really snuggle up under. In the Labour Weekend Sales Mum and I picked up a wool-filled duvet inner for incredibly cheap and I swear it is like sleeping in a cuddle! A cuddle that is just the right temperature even. On Friday I intend on staying in my bed ALL day.

  • A brilliant Jubilationz concert on Saturday, spending lots of time in blustery winds (but no rain!) with like-minded people. Followed by dinner and hanging out with a wonderful guy and meeting his mates at a house overlooking the harbour and the city - the view just BLEW my mind.

  • A lovely relaxing overnight trip with Navywife and Ms. Bee - pretty incredible to still have strong friendships with girls (well, now women) that I have known for so long. I'll have known Ms. Bee for 20 years in 2009 and I've known Navywife since we were both foetuses! Three swims in the hot pool in less than 24 hours and girly gossip sessions were totally worth putting up with Navywife's snoring!
Other things that made me smile: underwear shopping, cute little kitties trying to bludge fish and chippies, the fact that the cute boy liked Chi Mineral Water as much as I do, the thought of a sleep in tomorrow, a caring boss, green lights all the way down Symonds St, the teeny tiny bun my hair makes now when I tie it up after my big chop and the way it does early-twentieth century curls when wet and "Red Sky at Night, Shepherd's Delight".

What's sparkling for you guys?


  1. That's a lovely list, and an exceedingly cute kitty in the photo!

    I'm also half-asleep today,

  2. (erk, pressed enter too soon)

    I have delicious coffee and cupcakes however! Watching my blog stats go up is also making me happy right now - it's becoming a great way to connect with some really interesting people!

  3. That lovely kitty was lurking waiting for our fish and chippies - it was a beggar kitty. I have no idea how to get these blog stats working... I sort of just rely on people commenting to know that they are there LOL. Had massive sleep so feeling much better :)