The "Thank God it's over..." sleepies?

This is one of those posts where you guys get to tell me that I'm completely normal, or conversely that I am a weirdo and these things only happen to me :D
The last few weeks have been full on, like pressure-cooker style - two major assignments due and an exam shortly after that (today in fact). My social life didn't have the decency to taper off I'm not the world's most solid sleeper at the best of times so I generally boost through these times on a mixture of adrenaline, caffeine and sugar (and believe me, my ass and skin pay for it). My exam was this morning, I caught the train home and ... kaput. All the caffeine in the world wouldn't drag my butt off that couch this afternoon. I was EXHAUSTED. I'm at work now and even typing this, I'm managing at about half speed. It's like my body realises that there's no immediate next thing to go on with and decides to close for stocktake. And it's like this every time my life gets full on and is a small part of the reason that marketing and PR is not for me - you can have several months of quiet planning and then several products go live at once.
Am I the only one that does this giant fatigue? Are you all so super-time managed that this doesn't happen to you? Do I need to start saying no more often? Not that it would have helped this time - sure my lecturer would have loved to hear me refuse her assignment LOL. Two hours of work to go and then I can be united with my pork roast dinner and continue my passionate love affair with my new duvet.

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