How soon?

How soon is too soon to move on from a relationship? It seems to be a really hard thing to measure... I know that the relationship I was in April this year was far too soon after Ex-S but then I have other friends who have made the leap from one relationship to another and have quite literally lived happily ever after.
Of course you know there's an ulterior motive behind this... I've met this guy (let's call him Bob the Builder or BtB for short) who seems to be pretty awesome but has only been single for three weeks... hrmmm... I guess it's a case of taking things very slowly and seeing how we go. It seems silly to dismiss a guy who seems great purely on the basis of timing.
Thoughts and/or experiences, readers?


  1. I think it partially depends on how his previous relationship ended. If it utterly broke his heart, then possibly three weeks is a little short. But if he was wanting out of the relationship for a while then it's a bit of different story. It's so hard to say. Everyone is so different.

  2. I agree with Meri - everyone is different, and it depends on why they broke up, how long there had been problems for and how long they were together. It's difficult, because I've known people who have been able to move seamlessly into a new relationship, but in my personal experience, it's usually a recipe for heartbreak. Good luck though, lovely, and be sure to keep us posted! :)