Taking the night off...

So often I feel committed to doing things in the weekend, especially at nights - going out with friends, parties, the whole social butterfly kit and caboodle. But keeping up the energy levels after a week of uni, part-time work (usually about 15-20 hours) as well as all the other assorted bits and pieces that I'd never want to give up (like this blog) is sometimes very difficult. After my usual "partner-in-crime" decided to head down the line this weekend, I made the scandalous decision to do absolutely nothing with my evenings this weekend. Scandalous, I know! Last night I caught up with a whole lot of little bits and pieces I had been meaning to do, and tonight I watched a girly chick flick "Cake" and then I'm going to curl up in bed and have a relatively early night. Belissimo! Believe me, my skin is telling me it could do with the extra beauty sleep at the moment :)
BTW... think I have found my new summer fragrance - Viktor & Rolf "Flowerbomb"... was describing it to TJ by telling him I smelt like the lovechild of a cupcake and a rose garden and the packaging is to DIE for. Now all I have to do is save my pennies to buy it LOL

Give yesterday: My time - I filled in for mum with an obligation she had that she could no longer do.
Give today: Bought my mum her favourite type of fizzy lollies

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  1. Wow, that description for 'Flowerbomb' is incredible - I will definitely be sniffing that one out! :) And hooray for low-key weekends! Sometimes there's nothing better than being blissfully, blissfully lazy.. it's wonderful, I love it! :)