Awkward Situations

Ever get into those awkward situations where you just don't see an easy way of getting out of it without either embarrassing yourself or others? This happens to me A LOT.

Example A: When people ask how PCock and I know each other. While this may sound like a straight forward question, PCock and I actually met online, in a support network for people who have polycystic ovarian syndrome (or PCOS for short) which isn't the "Oh, we went to high school together/worked together/met through friends" answer that people are looking for. We became friends because we both have munted ovaries... and multiply that awkwardness by a factor of a million if its a guy that's asking.

Example B: At a baby shower for one of the girls at church, we play a game where an excerpt from a song using the word baby or mother is played and the teams have to guess the song. Cue song and
Scribbles : "Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-lot".
Reverend's wife (writing it down): "I'm not sure I know that song, by Sir Mix-a-lot you say?".
Scribbles: "Ah, yeah... it's on Shrek..."
Reverend's wife: "Oh okay, what's it about?"
Scribbles inner monologue: Oh she did NOT ask that question. I am going to die. I have to tell a Reverend's wife what Baby Got Back is about?
Scribbles: "Ah, it's sung by a gentleman about his appreciation of women with large derrieres. And as a woman with a large derriere, I can appreciate his appreciation of women with curves. Very good for a woman's self esteem to know all men don't like stick figures"

As you can see from example B, I tend to go for the diplomatic and tactful reply even while praying that I'll just dissolve into dust. What awkward situations have you got yourself into lately? How did you deal?


  1. LOL! Oh dear.

    My awkward moment was on Friday night.. and oh it was awkward at the time! A couple of months ago, a really nice guy asked me out, but I just wasn't ready to enter into another relationship, so I told him exactly that. He was good about it, and we sort of became friends, just talking occasionally.. he's since asked me to a few events, but I haven't actually attended any of them, purely for the fact that I was incredibly reluctant to complicate things and give him the wrong impression! He was having a party at his house on Saturday though, and asked me to come, but I told him I couldn't because I was going to dinner.. what I didn't tell him, and was really trying to avoid telling him, was that it was actually with my ex-boyfriend.. in the end though, I ended up blurting it out (after some heavy-duty questioning!), and argh, I felt so terrible! It was an uncomfortable moment!

  2. @MissCorrine - dinner with the ex? Methinks I sense some gossip lurking...