Sensitive Skin...

And by this, I don't mean I have an skin that doesn't respond well to criticism :D

I was a late bloomer in my teens; as a result of this, my skin cleaning regime was... well, non-existent. I didn't have the problems with pimples and acne that my friends had, my boyfriend at the time preferred me without makeup on so I didn't worry about clogging pores. I washed my face when I washed my hands, and that was about it. It worked for me right up until the end of high school.

Roll in the uni years. Poor diet combined with undiagnosed PCOS and my skin was at the worst it has ever been. It was never the cystic acne that I know other teens have had to deal with, but it was pretty horrific for me. Combine that with being at my fattest and having these inexplicable (at the time) abdominal pains and I felt revolting! I tried the usual supermarket brands but they didn't do much... I just resigned myself to having zitty skin. I figured it was a punishment for the awesome skin I'd had during my teens.

I started my marketing and PR career and was introduced to the skin care brand Dr.Hauschka. It's more than just a cleanse, tone, moisturise routine - there's a deeper philosophy behind all the treatments. I tell you what, being told to use a moisturising oil on my already oily skin was the most bizarre thing I'd ever heard - but it worked. Every time I had a break out, I'd prime my skin with Normalising Day Oil mixed with RejuvenatingMask and layer my foundation on the top. By the time that I'd take my foundation off at night it was like "BAM... and the pimples are gone" (bonus points if you get that reference). I'd found a solution that really worked. Once my skin was more normalised I switched to the Rose Day Cream Light. Rose oil has a balancing effect on my naturally combination skin.

Fast forward to the start of 2008. BIG problem. I left my full time job and suddenly that price point seemed way beyond what I could justify. While Dr.Hauschka isn't as hideously expensive as products like La Mer, it is imported from Germany and created from organic and biodynamically grown ingredients and the price reflects this. Back to the supermarket brands I went... and my skin went crazy. It felt like this one particular product I had used had actually chemically burnt my skin. In desperation I ran to the pharmacy to find something to soothe my skin and purchased the Trilogy Everything Balm. I was looking for something that would superhydrate my skin and let me move my jaw without feeling like part of my face was going to split off. It worked! More to the point, it was a lower price point than I had expected. I decided to purchase the range to use and I've never regretted it. I'm still yet to work out the miracle concoction like I had for Dr.Hauschka, but my skin is much happier with me :D

What's your skincare routine? Do you have any secret potions that work for you?


  1. I've just found your blog - its so nice finding other nz'ers. I usually use supermarket brands but i do get very dry skin so have to be careful about how often i wash my face and what i use to wash it with.

    I was also a marketing student, finished my bachelors and now i'm in events - i don't think marketing was for me either, but its nice how these things lead into other things that we never thought existed!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your PCOS, love :<

    I'm ashamed to admit that my skincare routine is appalling - non-existant - which is insane when I go to great lengths to apply various make-up! I really just swipe my face with a baby-wipe, and cleanse with a face wash every second day. I'm fortunate that I don't really have any skin problems, except once a month when I might get a pimple in a completely unexpected place, like on the side of my nose. My sister gets occasional break-outs though, and she swears by tea-tree oil based products! xx

  3. I really like Clarins cleanser... I found it only through the fact that there was some sort of promo on at Myers and I found myself with a sample size.. I never really purchased cleansers from department stores, that was far too high brow for me! But I fell in love, it did wonderful things for my skin and it smelt great too. I bought a big bottle at duty free when I flew to Christchurch earlier this year.. and it's only just ran out... time to fly through duty free again!!

  4. My skincare regime is better than some but really quite rubbish to be honest. I use those 3-in-1 wipe things in the morning though I sometimes forget to remove my makeup at night, and I moisturise with Body Shop Vitamin C cream as it seems to be the only one that hydrates the dry bits of my combination skin whilst not making the greasy bits greasier and remaining vaguely affordable!

  5. @PaperDoll - so exciting to hear from other kiwi bloggers! I think a business degree gives you a lot of transferable skills that are useful in any career.
    @MissCorrine - PCOS is something I've pretty much come to terms with and it's good to know there is a reason to why I find it difficult to lose weight... it won't happen overnight but it will happen :D
    @Katie - can't wait til I hit the Duty Free when I go to Sydney, but I'm putting my foot down with buying anyone ciggies... I'm not going to enable them to abuse their bodies for cheap :D
    @Vixel I'm jealous of how easy you and Corrine seem to have it re: skin care - but we all have our battles LOL