Forgive me, style goddesses, for I have sinned...

Since having my hair cut short about six weeks ago (which BTW, I totally love length and style) I have been resorting on multiple occasions to the humble claw clip... the humble hair accessory of the late nineties. On days where I can't be bothered styling and especially when I'm typing or writing (I can't stand to have my hair in my face), while my hair is still so short that any attempt at a bun looks really silly, it gets the twirl and clip.
I'd like to say that it's only at home, but it's not. Uni, the office... never to the bars though, I have a little more respect than that... I think.
My mother is the enabler - she used to wear her hair in claw clips for work all the time. No hair = no clips; she's not planning to grow it long even after treatment is done. So there's all these lonely claw clips just lying round the house...
If my hair got a report, it would get a "Not working to full potential" - I need to work out a cooler way of keeping back my hair without resorting to something that makes me look like I should be part of the cast of FRIENDS.
What's your daggy style secret? Share with Scribbles!


  1. my daggy style secret is that even under sinfully gorgeous boots and certain heels where you wouldn't be able to see, i wear these horrifying little white cotton ped socks because they keep my feet from smelling gamey hahaha :) so i could potentially be wearing black pants, black leather booties, a wrap black sweater and a lace black cami and still under those boots are horrifyingly white socks ahaha!

  2. Lol, ML's got me thinking about my secret--mis-matching undies!
    But I think the hair clips are forgivable as long as you're not wearing them out on the town as you say you're not.

  3. My daggy style secret is my shower cap! It's an awful grandma frilled one (reminds me of the wolf in little red riding hood) but it's the only one that covers all my hair!
    Yes, of course anyone can display the image on their website, then other ladybloggers can identify you :) Just link it back to that page and let me know if you are throwing any meets or anything so I can post about it!