Little indulgences

It's the small things that make our days seem lighter, those gorgeous little rituals that make anything bearable. Not many of us can afford to satisfy our every material whim, but there are certain cheap things that I do that make the day sparkle brighter, regardless of what I have planned.

  • Vanilla Soy Milk in my coffee - almost as good as getting a cafe coffee, also cheaper than my lactose-free milk at the moment.
  • Painting my toenails - while my feet are really in dire need of a professional pedicure, painting my toenails in pretty colours makes me smile while looking at my ginormous feet.
  • Lemon-flavoured V Energy Drink - okay, I know this one isn't a particularly healthy habit, but it just makes long hard days easier. Plus I just bought a case for half price... will have to ration it out.
  • Organising a drawer - I get so busy that I usually end up chucking things in vaguely the right direction as I run in and out of my room. If I have time to spare in a morning before heading out, it gives me a kick to organise one of my drawers and feel like I'm a bit more sorted. Yesterday I sorted my jewellery box :D
  • Slathering my body in Trilogy Everything Balm - silky soft skin and I smell like roses!
What are your special treats that make your days sparkle?

1 comment:

  1. Yay, I like lists like this. Some of my favourite cheap thrills are:
    * Eating a crisp apple on a crisp day while out on a walk.
    * drinking some delicious tea and cozying up in a comfy chair.
    * making a London Fog in the comfort of my own home.
    * raisins and granola in my yogurt.