The state of being prepared; readiness.
Possession of adequate armed forces, industrial resources and potential, etc., esp. as a deterrent to enemy attack

And considering the nature of my blog, I'm guessing you know I'm going to talk about the first one (although I do play a mean game of Risk). If you've followed my tweets, you'll notice that I've been appallingly sick this week - in fact, today is the first day I've felt truly human again. I had one of those wretched summer fevers that makes you feel like you're boiling in the all-encompassing fires of hell while making you shiver like you've been dropped off in your panties at the North Pole. All while having to tend to myself and sponge my own brow because there was no way I'm taking these germs to Mum while she's in the middle of her chemo cycle.

Yet I've continued to post, and you've continued to comment, hopefully marvelling at how eloquently I write even though I am supposedly dying. Well, I wasn't...dying or writing marvellous posts either :D

I'm a planner... the girl who runs both paper day planners and uses Google Calendar to keep track of her committments. The girl who has the majority of her Christmas presents bought, wrapped and labelled, just waiting for a more appropriate time to give them out to people. The girl who starts writing her Christmas cards in the middle of November. And the girl who also auto-schedules posts three days out for her blog, just in case something happens.

I was talking to my mother about this last week and she didn't quite understand. I set her up on a blog a couple of months ago and she uses it to keep her geographically dispersed relatives in the loop about how she's going with her cancer treatments. I explained to her that its sort of different - a lot of my topics are generalised, I can talk about them on Tuesday or I can talk about them on Thursday and it's no big deal. Her blog is really "slice of life" - it's about how she is feeling and treatments she is having on a particular day. If I have something that I decide I really want to urgently communicate to you guys, I just change the day of scheduled posting out and impart my important urgent news to you all :D And it means that you get to enjoy my company, even when I'm not enjoying my own.

Preparedness just seems to be part of my personality, is it part of yours? What ways do you get organised?


  1. Wow you sound really prepared and organised! I am fairly organised, but not as organised as you when it comes to Christma!
    I am a list maker and if I don't write down my weekly tasks I don't do them, so I really need my lists otherwise I am utterly umproductive. I wouldn't say I am always organised though, but I do like to have my plans for the week, and day, and I set myself times for doing things so that I have some kind of schedule.
    Get well Scribbles! :)

  2. Wow lovely, you are SUPER organised! That is impressive x a million!

    My favourite way to keep prepared is lists - lots and lots and lots of lists! Also, my diary :D

    P.S. I'm so, so sorry you haven't received your letter yet, love! This week has been insanely chaotic, but rest assured, I'm writing it as we speak/I type! xx

  3. @Alla I'm feeling a bit better thanks - when I got to work yesterday I found out that heaps of our organisation at multiple sites had been out with similar ailments - I guess it was truly one of those bugs that was going around.
    @MissCorrine - no rush honey... I'm more disappointed that the woman from uni said she was going to mail out class selection forms by the end of November and there's only two mailing days to the end of Nov and I want to PLAN what I am doing next year, as well as get loans/allowances sorted.