Saturday Afternoon of Love

  • The view out my bedroom window at the moment - the garden is in full bloom and it can be very hard to concentrate on what I need to do when I get to gaze out on such beauty.
  • On that note, the crazy beautiful weather that New Zealand has been having for the last few weeks - it hasn't been sunny ALL the time, but close to it.
  • The fact that my exams are over! It means that I don't feel guilty when I am doing other things and feel like I should be studying
  • Having the money to do beautiful things for my friends - I really appreciate the thought of being stewards rather than owners of our money, and the importance in how we spend that money in the world.
  • In saying that, I also love this bag I managed to eyeball in Downtown Shopping Mall. It will make the perfect cabin bag in my travels next year.
  • Getting to really know people - both new friends and deepening friendships with friends I already have.
  • And this is hammering yet another nail into the anonymity coffin, but the biggest thing I'm loving this week is that my mum entered a magazine competition for breast cancer stories... and WON! The prize is flights and five nights at the Peppers Resort in Northern Queensland but possibly even more exciting is the fact that she will be interviewed by the magazine, raising awareness for her particularly rare type of breast cancer - Inflammatory Breast Cancer. The opportunity to get her story and that information out to about 1 million New Zealanders is completely priceless.


  1. Thats exciting news about your Mums story being told! I strongly believe that there needs to be lots of stories in the media about breast cancer and prostate cancer too (my Dad was diagnosed with early satges this year and has just had surgery to treat it) because they are both silent killers and in many ways Men are less likely to go for their annual checkups, so it is very important that stories are told to make the public aware of the disease. Is she going to take you on her trip!? I am sure she will really enjoy it anyway!
    Sounds like you are having a wonderful weekend and I think you should treat yourself to that bag you are eyeing off- its always nice to have a beautiful bag when you travel and you deserve to reward yourself after all the work you have had with your uni exams!

  2. Congratulations to your Mum! It must have been such a lovely surprise :D

    And yay no more exams!

    I hope you had a lovely weekend.

  3. @Alla - thanks honey, I've decided I'm going to go and buy it next week, it was a really decent price. I'll post piccies in a future post :D
    @Miss Karen - health went downhill on Sunday but Saturday was great... looking forward to this weekend.