Christmas Eve

If you've been following my twitter stream you'll be aware that things haven't been going exactly as I'd planned running up to Christmas. My mum got unexpectedly admitted to hospital yesterday with an infection (damn chemo and none of those helpful neutrophils) so I've been really busy with Christmas prep with intermittent breaks of gloom that my mum isn't home tonight - we've managed to wangle her a day pass home in between IV drips tomorrow so at least she'll be home for lunch.
Thank you to those who have sent your sparkly vibes or prayers, I've really appreciated it at a time that I know people don't have a lot of extra energy to spare. It's been nice to come back to my computer when I feel like Mr. Pussycat in picture above and read your kind thoughts and comments. Hugs to the lot of you - while I've lost my Christmas spirit somewhat this year, you've kept me from turning into the grinch.
I hope you all have a marvellous Christmas Day tomorrow - I'll be drawing my book giveaway tomorrow night NZ time at around 9 pm so that gives you 24 hours still to enter. Click this link to get through, and leave a comment. Enjoy your time with your families (I know I'll be treasuring the three or so hours I get with my mum) and I'll see you out the other side!


  1. I hope you manage to salvage a happy Christmas and enjoy the time with your Mum. I hope she gets better soon! x

  2. I was sad to read that your mom is in the hospital over the holidays. I hope she's home soon. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  3. Best wishes for you and your mum <3