Double Entendres... also known as Scribbles has a dirty mind and dirty minded friends...

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When helping Ms.Bee cart in a whole load of boxes from her car last weekend, she told me about her morning selling stuff at the markets. She'd forgotten to bring a stool so while on the phone to Mr.Bee tried to perch herself on top of a box. They're chatting away and the box starts to give away underneath her, causing her to exclaim down the phone that her box was breaking. Mr.Bee said that he really hoped not or there would be no buzzing in the beehive tonight (or similar that would put my blog into R status!).
We're having a good old chortle about this as we're on the porch then the box that Ms.Bee is holding starts to give way - "Help my box is breaking! All my precious bits are going to fall out!". At this stage I can barely keep it together and Ms.Bee is seriously worried that the contents of her cardboard box are going to end up on the floor.
"Quickly, grab my flaps and tuck them back up!"

I lost it... laughing so hard that there were tears. I have the humour of a pubescent boy who looks up "sex" in the dictionary. Are there words or double entendres that just set you off, even in really inappropriate settings?

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  1. Haha, this was a funny little story! Those kinds of incidents always happen to my friends. I have a knack for saying innocent things which end up sounding indreibly rude! For instance, one day when I was drinking a smoothie I declared how it was so thick and hard to suck. I also mentioned one day when calling for one of our male staff to help a customer carry their groceries out, how I love calling out for the boys and making them come (help carry the bags that is)!