Like burning paper, you can't get it back...

We had a contemplation service at church on Sunday night and the proceedings were so beautiful that I thought that I should share it with you. You wouldn't have to be Christian or even particularly spiritual to experience this... it was just a really amazing time to both reflect and look forward.

The room was set up in several stations, lit really dimly so that you could just see the pictures that hung on the walls and though other people were in the room, you felt like you were relatively alone. Along one wall were pictures of nature, space and other natural wonders, inviting you at Christmas to realise how beautiful this world we live in is - from the majestic splendour of a nebula to the perfectly formed sphere of dew on a bright green leaf.

At the next station, a board lit up with a blacklight asked you in fluoro text about what would you do if you heard the call? In a Christian context, this would be the call of God in your heart but it's not just a Christian thing. We all know the call you feel when you know you have the ability to make change in someone's life, even in just a really small way. Over the Christmas period and in 2009, will you answer that call and make the difference?

The part that helped me the most was getting to the station of candles. Here each person was invited to take a piece of paper and pen and write down all the sadness and disappointment that they had felt in 2008.

And then we set fire to them.

Bet you weren't expecting that (my church is awesome!). In a Christian context, it represented giving all your problems and worries over to God. In a non-religious context, it can be looked at as getting everything out of your system and releasing it into the universe. Like paper burning into smoke and ash, you can't get those disappointments back. They're gone - it's time to start afresh.

Whether you are religious, spiritual or a devout believer that this life is all there is, spend some time before the new year starts getting out all your disappointments out of your system. Find a quiet space to meditate on releasing them and then burn those burdens and cares away. I came home feeling much lighter for having released all my junk and I hope you will too!


  1. Beautiful post - you know, i may just need to try burning all my disapointments away :)

  2. Seriously.. could you be any more wonderful?! This is terrific, my dear! xoxo

  3. Hm...perhaps I'll give that a try.