Change of Schedules

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The golden days of summer are slowly disappearing... and with it my extra available time. As those of you who follow me on Twitter will know, I am currently tutoring on an arts holiday programme. The kids are insanely fun but have bundles of energy that can leave me feeling a little ragged. Flowing on into Feb, I'll be stepping into the breach as we continue our search for a superstar admin to replace our wonderful office administrator and then roll on March and the start of my year-long training to be a teacher!
It's certainly shaping up to be a full on year and as much as I love writing my articles and reading all your comments (and seriously, comment more! I still get so excited when it pops up that I have comments to review) I realised that I needed to create a plan; ensuring you get top quality articles despite the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. Posting will now be as follows:
*Monday: Random Article
*Wednesday: Literary Inspirations
*Friday: Random Article
*Sunday: Sunday Afternoon Reads
and if you are extra special sparkly good, there may be some "Saturday Afternoon of Love" thrown in there for good measure. I have a feeling that this is a good way to ensure that you still get your regular dose of Scribbles but I continue to keep a quality standard of post that I am happy with. Thanks so much for your continued support guys... it's SOOOOOO appreciated.

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  1. Sometimes you have to do that to make sure you get your head around what you're going to post! Coming up with things off hand can get to be a struggle.

    Any potential of seeing this butterfly? I knew someone would have one of those things & I'd feel like I put my foot in it! The point of a tattoo is that it's a personal reflection/reminder. I'm not a fan of the everywhere tattoos because they've become personal to a lot of people. Does that make sense?

    That being said - everyone's story is different, & I can still appreciate the art/story around them. =) adding you too. Wish Google Reader auto-updated my link list!