I was tagged for my first meme ever by the wonderful Ems of "Lick my Cupcakes" - the fourth picture meme stealing my tag-ginity forever :D

The rules of the meme are very simple:
Go to the fourth folder in your ‘Pictures’ & to post the fourth photo from that album. Tell us the story!

LOL I think I have some es-play-nin to do. My youngest sister is intellectually handicapped and when she was smaller we couldn't have a Christmas tree as she would keep pulling it over. Having two only-marginally-older children, not having a Christmas tree at all was not an option for my parents. Being creative, they came up with this solution - a crepe paper cut out Christmas tree stuck to the wall with drawing pins. Youngest sis couldn't pull it down and we still had a pretty tree around which to put the presents. We've been having a big cull of stuff over the summer (encouraging the whanau to live the simple life) and my dad pulled out out of a closet - I just had to photograph it for posterity!

I tag A Cat Of Impossible Colour, Kiss Me Kate, Tres Lola and Jenn(uinely) Rambling if you haven't done it already! All you others out there, I like doing memes *hint hint*

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