Literary Inspiration - Last times....

. . . it was the last weakness he meant to indulge in; and a man never lies with more delicious languor under the influence of a passion than when he has persuaded himself that he shall subdue it to-morrow.
- Adam Bede by George Eliot

Ever tried to give something up, even temporarily? Decided to go a month without alcohol and that last beer/wine/mixer tastes fantastic. That last burger or chocolate bar before you go on a diet that tastes like it was blessed by heaven. We all have passions that we know aren't particularly good or healthy or even the best use of our time and it never feels so good as when we know we can't do it anymore, or at least for a while.

It's become part of my routine to lurk on the comp (when not out running round like a mad chook, which seems to be my other default function) until 10pm at night so I can chat with my Perth girls and our insomniac American buddy - you know who you are - on Twitter. Powered on by comments from CC earlier this week, I'm going to try and stay unplugged for most of my holiday, limiting myself to just checking in once a day max, to read and approve comments. I 'll leave you in the capable hands of two gorgeous guest bloggers whom I know you're going to love.

Cold turkey here I come :D


  1. I'm an internet addict. I don't attend classes because I don't wish to fix it.

    I'm currently doing an alcohol detox, I have two more weeks to go. Hope you have a fantastic holiday & can't wait to hear from you when you get back.

    Bambola x

  2. That quote is so spot on.

    [Also I feel so loved when I am specifically mentioned...:D And have I mentioned how much I appreciate the late-night Australasian-hosted twitter parties?]

    Enjoy your holiday from the internets!

  3. I hope you enjoy your Internet detox!