Literary Inspirations - Diversity

The complex affair we call the world requires a great variety of people to keep it going. - Charles D. Warner in "The Golden House"

This literary quote got me to thinking... so often at school we're told to chase the prize, seek the highest, be all that you can be... what's wrong with just being what you feel you should be. People look at me like I'm mental when they find that I gave out my job in marketing and PR to follow my passion in a similar way to how they treat stay-at-home mums with disdain. The world needs teachers and policeman and rubbish collectors and retail workers... if people enjoy what they do, don't get so down on them! We should all be so happy to live a life we love :D

Peace out angels!


  1. I second cuileann's word. What a lovely quote. Also: did you do a redesign? I really like it!

  2. I couldn't agree more :) It drives me loooooco when people try and make others feel bad/guilty/uncomfortable with their decisions, just because of their own reservations!

  3. I completely agree - if you know what your passion is then go after it with both hands. I have't quite found mine yet - its a work in pregress, but i do admire those that have found it and that are striving to achieve it :)