Enough hours in a day...

Sitting at the head table at the wedding this weekend, the best man turned to me and said "Well, as fun as this has been, it's completely ruined my plans for the long weekend". We both laughed, because as much as we wouldn't have chosen to be anywhere else, the wedding rehearsal, preparation and the wedding itself took up a day and a half of the three day weekend. I joked that BestMan would have to make sure that when he got married it was on a long weekend in revenge - Labour Weekend, Easter.
The conversation that we had is symptomatic of a larger challenge that seems to face people today. Suddenly it's fashionable to be run off your feet. I'm guilty of it too - it seems that tonight is the only night this week that I don't have something booked in to do in the evenings and I'm wondering where I'm going to squeeze in my planned girls night out at Na Na Thai with PCock after she gets back tomorrow night. I plan on working as much as I can this year, yet hope to pass my teaching diploma with flying colours. I felt terrible when I couldn't go to a party of a friend's even though I was holidaying in a different island to that of the party locale.
Being busy, for me, used to be a protection thing. After Ex-S and I split, being continually on the go was a way to forget, to get on with life. If I didn't have time to stop, time to think, time to be alone, I was okay. Now it just seems to be a way of life. I can't say no - this is what lead me to work two part-shifts last week when I was incredibly ill with food poisoning. It's still a struggle for me to cancel on someone if I'm not feeling well. Yet I'm perpetually wishing that I had more hours in a day to get things done. Do I clean my room or read the novel that I want to use in my Sunday Afternoon Reads review? Fold the laundry or cook the dinner? The event that has my wheels spinning the most at the moment is my mid-year trip to Sydney.
Why you ask? I'm travelling there on my end of semester break, which limits my travel to the first three weeks of July. In these three weeks, birthdays of three people who are very important to me occur. PCock's birthday is on the 5th, and last year I missed her birthday with my Christchurch holiday. Both Blondie and Gothika celebrate their birthdays on the 12th and I thought I had it all sorted... In NZ for PCock's birthday then fly to Sydney and be there for Gothika's birthday, meaning that I'm only missing Blondie's. Then Gothika announces there's every likelihood that she'll be in NZ for her birthday - and the stack of cards falls down.
I use my gCal and my faithful Kikki.K day planner to meticulously plan out my days and to try and appease everyone... I think that I need to start planning to please myself. Are any of you stuck in a whirlwind of pleasing others and wishing that there were more hours in a day? Let me know in the comments below.

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