Literary Inspiration: Jane Austen on disappointment

There will be little rubs and disappointments everywhere, and we are all apt to expect too much; but then, if one scheme of happiness fails, human nature turns to another; if the first calculation is wrong, we make a second better: we find comfort somewhere.
- Jane Austen

There's been a bit of an altercation in my personal life that I'm not yet sure I will blog about. It is something that I hope can be resolved, but my disappointment in this person will be comforted regardless in cups of Coffee Culture Vanilla Chai Latte (any parcels of this from my Christchurch readers, I will love you forever!), beginning a new crafty project (the scrapbooking album I made for my parents' anniversary went down a treat), throwing myself into the required reading for my university assignments and spending time with those friends (both IRL and online) that don't desire me to change.
What are your "schemes of happiness" that you use to pick yourself up from disappointments?


  1. Sometimes life as you think you know it just goes so terribly and utterly wrong, and when it does, there is little you can do except to pick yourself up and give it another go. I'm a big believer in fresh starts, but sometimes a new start is difficult when you still have fresh wounds. If I were in your position, I'd spend a day or so spoiling myself... taking bubble baths, reading lovely novels... whatever heals my soul and makes me happy. Then, I'd focus on moving forward in a positive direction. If you have fallen out with a friend, then make a effort to make a new one. If you patch things up, you will have gained two friends.

  2. It's terrible to say this but I have two very bad habits when it comes to picking myself up- food; namely chocolate coated raspberries, and shopping; impulse purchases of course! Neither of them really make me feel much better after the fact either and are short-term fixes!

    I think a really good way to pick myself up, is by comforting myself-spoiling myself with little things and thoroughly enjoying them- like fresh sheets and clean pj's, a big bath with my favourite bathbomb, a trashy magazine, an hour of blog reading, painting my toenails, watching a full season of a trashy teen dramas like one tree hill and if I could have one, it would be a starbucks vanilla latte- they always mend my heart!

    Quiet often than not, by distracting myself from the situation or problem, I can clear my mind and begin to look at things a bit more objectively. However, it sometimes does take a little bit more than those things to help with a bigger problem. I always find that by surrounding myself with a few god friends really helps too... my best friend really is the biggest spirit lifter of all time and reminds me to focus on the good things in my life.


  3. awww I'm sorry hun, nothing worse than someone close to you letting you down.

    I agree with you though, spend time with good friends. I hope it all sorts out for you :)

  4. aww I'm sorry hun! nothing worse than when someone disappoints you.

    I agree - you need to keep yourself surrounded by friends that are good to you :)

    best of luck!

  5. Oh dear, I hope whatever-it-is works out for the best in one way or another.