March, you've been a month...

March is usually a fairly crazy month at the best of times - it's the last of the summer (although it's officially autumn) and you get a lot of people trying to squeeze in events at this time. I know already of a wedding I'm going to in March next year! This March was as full on as I had expected - even more so really! Let's recap:
  • Birthday dinner, where I had a great time with those friends who are dear to me.
  • Started uni - was totally overwhelmed in the first week.
  • Mum back into hospital where they finally detected a bacteria that shouldn't have been there and gave her the appropriate antibiotics - she hasn't been back since
  • Met a certain handsome boy who had been sending me lovely long emails - and have been seeing a fair amount of him since
  • Felt more au fait with things the second week of uni - got used to class and schedules and the fact that one of our assignments was to READ (I mean, how cool is that?)
  • Finding a pair of jeans that fit my butt!
  • Got surprised by Gothika who usually lives in Australia - she asked me to pick her up to go to our friends' engagement party
  • Engagement party - this couple has been together for years but it doesn't make it any less special.
  • Worked a shift as I was coming down with serious illness - I swear I actually felt kinda delirious.
  • Got my ass absolutely booted by a cold - it was not cool. An ear infection made me deaf for a week and I'm still fending off a snotty nose and a cough
  • On the upside, that didn't seem to make the boy like me any less.
  • Dates... lots of dates. Including holding hands at the movies - oh man, have I missed that.
  • A weekend away in Waihi in which I managed to miss the boy, feel stressed about Gothika's personal circumstances in Sydney, feel relieved that Ex-S has decided to be not so much of a baby and enjoy spending time with my crazy friends. There is also photographic evidence that I spent most of the evening in my sleeping bag - damn March nights are cold :D
  • Handing in two assignments, one early - damn it feels good.
  • Getting assigned to practicum at the school I wanted and prepping for the experience, purchasing a $160 dictaphone - yikes!
  • Having two classes cancelled yesterday and resting for most of the day - for what feels like the first time in March.
There's only two days left of March and at this stage it looks to be relatively quiet, the boy is going out fishing tomorrow morning and I'm doing a church thing so tonight will just be some snuggling on the couch and then I've got a housewarming thing tomorrow night (which I am hoping the boy will come to... just quietly) - if the rest of the time can just be uneventful, that will be fantastic!

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  1. Sounds like a very productive month, despite brief plague encounter.