Sunday Afternoon Reads: "New Free Chocolate Sex" by Keith Lowe

"Well, the plot's nothing exciting but you learn a lot about chocolate!" - truer words never spoken, Mama Scribbles. Sharing books in the Scribbles household is par for the course, even if it is decidedly average like New Free Chocolate Sex by Keith Lowe

It's the first experience I've had of this author and the blurb of the book sounded a bit formulaic from the get go - standard chick lit fare. Boy meets girl in weird an unusual circumstance, girl is not so fond of boy, mayhem ensues and eventually ends in a happily ever after... trust me, I'm not spoiling the story for you by offering that much. What makes this story an interesting read is what's around the periphery of this bog-standard love story. Matt is a marketing director for a chocolate company and has a passion and knowledge for what makes us desire the sweet taste of chocolate. It is he that imparts the reason for the novel's unusual title. Sam takes the complete converse side of this - she is making a documentary on chocolate and is full of the facts and figures and appalling conditions in the countries that produce the raw ingredients. You really do get a well rounded and informative view of the world of chocolate if you can ignore the saccharine playacting of the characters inbetween.

I wouldn't go out and purchase this book myself, but it might be ideal for some "fluffy"-type reading on a picnic blanket when you can't really be bothered.

2 out of 5 stars.

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