I have THE worst head cold known to man, so thought I'd swap round "Sunday Afternoon Reads" for something I could type with absolutely no mental capacity whatsoever - so if you've dived into this article expecting a philosophical and intelligent post... you're best to come back tomorrow, when I have some semblence of having my head together. Today is not the day for advanced thought - I thought I heard a baby start screaming and it took me about 10 seconds to realise that it was the milk frother on the espresso machine...
Yes, I am at work today. One of the crappy things about working in a small department is that the amount of cover available is minimal. I'd rostered on to cover someone else's shift, which left no one to cover me... however much the boss might like to. About half the way through my shift and have been able to keep my shit together, barely. I have a compelling urge to just fall asleep on the desk and I look like a pale nightmare with a chapped red nose - the one thing that makes me glad that I'm not seeing the boy until Thursday...
And yes, as those of you who follow me on Twitter may have noted (and possibly snapped me out on), there is a special boy in my life at the moment. It's very new, very exciting and I think he's fairly fantastic... and hope he feels the same. We've been on three dates now and I feel very at ease when talking to him; as I was saying to Em recently, he's the first guy I've felt invested in for quite a while. Things are nowhere near official yet (I mean, come on, he hasn't been given a blog pseudonym and there's been no Facebook status change) but I'm enjoying the time that we're spending together and taking things slow. Will fill you in more as this unfolds but now all you love bunnies are in the loop and no-one can accuse me of being a dirty hold-out minx (ahem, CC!)
Speaking of sparkly wonderful things, I was slowly getting ready for an engagement party last night - should have really known that I was getting sick even then - and I get a text from Gothika asking how I am, what I'm doing tonight, the usual cross-Tasman banter that we usually do. I tell her about the boy and she says Fantastic, tell me more over drinks tonight!... ahem, say what? I ask her if I've missed a memo somewhere along the line and she says Surprise! I'm in Auckland. Much squeeing ensued but I enjoyed being the gruesome twosome again for one night only :D As much as I wish that she would hurry up and move back to NZ, I know that she's in the right place for her now... and just hope we can get up to a tonne of mischief in July, when I make the big trip over to Sydney.
Anyway, that's my blah for today. On a day when I'm feeling blah. Come back for something more well-educated tomorrow.


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! That sounds absolutely magnificent, I'm so happy for you, girl! :) Be sure to keep us updated, and congratulations - I couldn't think of someone sweeter for it to happen to!


  2. Gah!! So cool to get a non-philosophical post! This is much more real - like a gossip blog... Girls love gossip =P xxx

    Hope you start feeling better soon & your catch up with your friend goes well x

  3. OooooH. A new boy! Much more exciting than a new book!