Halfway through March already - it's crazy how fast a year slips by! One night, in deep drunken conversation with a couple of friends, we decided that the years seem to go faster because the percentage of your life that they contain reduces. When you're ten, a year is 1/10th of your life. When you're forty, the fraction is a lot smaller. And yes, I can only do maths when I've been drinking :P

I turned 24 recently, that's not that old - some people are married with kids at that age, others aren't. You're definitely a grown-up (even if you live under the same roof as your parents - ahem) but in essence you're at the beginning of your flight of adulthood, regardless of your circumstance. For the most part I still feel really young.

For the most part...

Until another student in my curriculum study class pipes up that for his 21st, he's going to do X and I realise that my 21st was three years ago. When I speak up in class that we were the last high school year before the new New Zealand high-stakes assessment regime (NCEA) was instituted - and that was seven years ago. When my high school boyfriend texts me to say he's been back to a place we went on vacation to, telling me how much it's changed... and I think, well duh, that's because it was nine years ago that we were there. When Ms.Bee leans over in the church service on my birthday and tells me that we've known each other for twenty years - and I realise that it's almost a quarter century that I've known NavyWife. When I think about the time that has passed, it makes me feel ancient... then I realise that my adult life has only just begun.


  1. *nods* ...not sure what else to say, but felt drawn to comment :) x sorry i don't comment more, you know i'm always reading. & the other day, the most about your mum, with the photograph of your dining table.. you know, i admire you so hard, you are going through such shit ... and you are doing it remarkably.. of course, i don't see you every day but just the fact that you are balancing uni & blogging on top of everything else. you are a total star with a heart of gold - i am super proud that you are in my life & can't wait to meet you 2010! bring it on <3

  2. Oh my god!! I so know what you're saying, babe!! And I love your maths idea... it's so true!!

    Life is flying by at the moment for me too. I'm 25 in 3 months - and I'm scared. 25 is serious adulthood - you even get cheap damn insurance!! AHH!

    I think that's why you have to have goals and plans in life, or it can fly past you and wont even remember what you did!

    I'm scared of nearly turning 30 & not being married etc. But at the same time I'm loving having the freedom of being in my 20s and single! It's fabulous! I think you've just to take each day as it comes and make the most of it.

    Have a fabulous weekend sweets! xx

  3. I'm definitely with you on this one! It feels like only yesterday that I turned 21, and yet in a few months time, I'll be 22! It's surreal, and a little nervewracking, but exciting, too..

  4. I'm 24 too, and I feel the same way. One minute I feel like I have my whole life in front of me. The next minute feel like there's a big clock hanging over my head. It's weird. Maybe it's because we jusy officialy entered our mid 20s.