Sing us a song, he's my PianoMan...

Chilling out yesterday with the boy, we were looking at costs of flights to Sydney (he's quite keen to come with me in July). While I had the laptop on my legs I decided to show him my website. He's known that I blog but that's been about the extent of it and as we are now an official item, I told him that he had to choose a pseudonym. He's an amazingly talented piano player (just watching his hands blows me away) and so he will be referred to here on out as PianoMan :D
Things between us continue to go fantastically and I can't believe that it will be a month tomorrow. It seems like we only met yesterday yet we've known each other forever. I feel so comfortable with him, it's insane. I used to be really weird about guys touching my tummy - it's not flat, by any stretch of the imagination - but with him it doesn't bother me. It feels comforting and close.We met via a Facebook email and we continue to write them to other every other day or so... it figures that a fantastic relationship of mine would be documented in the written word. He makes me smile, he appreciates me for who I am and makes me look forward to our possible future together.
This is a fairly sentimental and content post and I promise I won't get gushy on you guys too often - just for now I want to wallow in happiness and bliss and the apparent reality of dreams come true.


  1. *smiles endlessly* It just gets betterer & betterer doesn't it??

    It's so good to have your relationship documented by emails to. Nice to be able to go back & read through when you're older.

    I'm SO SO glad to hear the happiness in your writing, it's wonderful.

    Love you.

    Bambola x

  2. awww I'm so happy for you sweetie! I think it's wonderful that you've told him about your blog & given him a name. Very cute!

    May your relationship continue to be as fabulous as it is now :)

    And yay for being official!! squee!!