So cold...

Whenever I see that typed (... so cold...) it always makes me think of death scenes in movies. I always wonder whether it is a realistic depiction or a huge cliche. I'm not eager to be involved in a traumatic death to find out though!

It is freezing here in little Aotearoa (NZ) at the moment. It's the first proper cold snap of winter and boy, is it doing a good job of it! Thursday and Friday last week were horrific for having ice build-up on my windscreen - ended up running in and out of PianoMan's kitchen with water to help melt it. Friday's ice decided to freeze in two layers so it took even longer to defrost. There's a real chill to the air during the day and nights are freezing - you don't want to spend too much extra on electricity to warm the house (especially when PianoMan is paying the bills for his house, but keeping it warm for me) but at the same time you have to think about your health.

We were able to enjoy the warmth of a fireplace on Friday - I finally met PianoMan's parents this weekend; he also met mine. Everything went well and we have a mutual appreciation society going on LOL. It was just so warm with crumble and tea and fireplace, dessert turned into three hours! We also had brunch at PM's aunt's cafe - the way to my heart is truly through pancakes with bacon, baked banana and maple syrup!

I didn't get through as much of my planning as I had hoped though, so I better get cracka-lacking on that! Hope you all had a good weekend! Are you keeping warm? How are you managing that? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I had a BRILLIANT weekend, one of the best I've had in ages!

    Friday was spent cuddling up with my lady loves, watching movies, eating brownies & listening to the rain hit the roof.
    Saturday was record shopping with my little brother, and we had people round in the evening.
    Sunday was bicycle rides, baking, sun & movies with the family.
    Pure bliss!!

  2. We had a lovely weekend, with 19degrees each day, it was geogeous and warm until about5pm when it starts getting dark! It was actually amazing weather for Tassie! Today however has been a bit cooler. I love to sit in front of the woodfire. Most of winter, fashion goes out the window and I stay home in my trackies and hoodies, sitting on top of my fan heater while I do my uni work! Noice.
    I spent the weekend, finishing an assignment, started another one on friday night, worked saturday, partied my heart out at the presets, and recovered and edited sunday! It was great but I am looking forward to this coming weekend been quiet and finishing my assessments for this semester!

  3. I was just about to tweet you and ask how things wer with 'the boy', but thought I'd check your blog. The piano man and his fine family sound adorable. Good for you, Stay warm :)

  4. It certainly is cold... my place is well enough insulated so I am getting by with just blankets (and Donna :)) to keep me warm. I'm going down to Dunedin for a few days from Friday, so I'm sure I'll find out what real cold is like then.

    Good luck keeping warm!

  5. Also freezing! Im so glad Im off work right now, I get to snuggle up all day long and stay out of the cold!