A need for temporary restructure...

For my few fans who sit by the Google Reader constantly refreshing, waiting for my usually-very-punctual blog updates, I apologise. No doubt some of you will have realised from both Monday's post and my despairing tweets that I am feeling decidedly overwhelmed with the teaching (38 odd hours a week), work (9 hours a week minimum), planning (4 hours minimum) and assignments (4 hours minimum also). Not to mention that I'm trying to catch up on sleep, not get sick again and spend time with the darling Mr. PianoMan (he's very special to me).

As much as it needles my OCD tendencies, I'm going to have to restrict my blog posting to, well, when I can. I hope that this will be a couple of times a week but I can't guarantee when. Add me in your reader (see Subscribbtions to the right side of the page) and when I have the time to create a quality blog post you'll be the first to see. Regular blog features (Literary Inspirations and Sunday Afternoon Reads) will return on the 14th of June, when I leave my practice school.

I always hate it when a blogger goes off the map without explanation so please bear with me until I get my life under control! And on that note, how cute is this?

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  1. I totally understand - i took a small hiatus too because things just get way to busy to blog sometimes!! I still love reading your posts, not matter how frequent :)