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All I really want to do tonight is watch trashy TV and have a snuggle (being a woman sucks sometimes *ahem*) but PianoMan and I are hauling ourselves away from the polarfleece blanket and the oil column heater to go and have pre-drinks with some friends before they head out to the clubs tonight - we're excusing ourselves on the latter part because we have a family lunch tomorrow.
But I really don't feel like clubbing tonight anyway.

I am really starting to feel the burn of the student lifestyle. Teaching as a profession is always more than the 9-3 that people sometimes make it out to be. As well as the reports and long-term planning required and taking kids for extra-curricular activities that isn't required by a student teacher, there are short-term planning concerns, resources to create and the inevitable marking which are required. I know that I can manage everything without completely burning out.
But I can't wait for next year when I only have one job, no study and a sole focus for my career intentions.

I got really awesome feedback from my visiting lecturer - he basically said that he feels I am at a level where I could begin to teach solo. Bumping into old-English-teacher/new-deputy-principal, he asked me if I was permanent staff yet, going on to say that I couldn't leave. Jokingly sharing it with one of my supervising teachers, she told me I still have to go back and I don't disagree.
But part of me thinks I'm ready - that I would learn the rest of what I needed on the job.

I'm trying to knuckle down and be really sensible about money - I need to replace my eyeglasses (and get an optometrist exam urgently - it has been 7 years since my last one), my sneakers and my computer and I've worked out a way that I can manage all that by the end of the year without getting into debt. There's a little bit of room for fun stuff, but not a lot.
A part of me just wishes I could go crazy with money without consequences. Being a grown-up sucks balls.

I spent the whole long weekend (bar one afternoon and the time I was in church on Sunday) with PianoMan and we had a ball. We both spent fairly significant amounts of money on things (him=sexy new glasses, me=sexy new phone) but this was probably the longest time that we'd spent together too. It felt right and I think that it could be a really positive sign for a future together.
No buts here, just smiles.

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  1. I am delurking myself! I always read but have been lazy and not commenting. I relate to you with all the buts - I am a big one to always add that on the end. And I feel you about the student lifestyle - I'm a postgrad, and while it's different from undergrad I can't wait until I'm done and have a proper job!