I love...

  • the fact that my friend made her cat a facebook page... and that the cat now has a hyphenated last name of hers and her boyfriend's. Awwwww, they have their first furbaby together!
  • getting carried away in future plans with SB... falling in love with a property and plotting ways to buy it then realising we haven't even been together for six months! Ahem... dial it down a little folks. It was a really awesome starter home though, my mum even thought so LOL.
  • arriving at uni for proper this week and realising that I didn't miss out on much other than extra time within which to do my assignments... subject content-wise though, I'm sweet.
  • starting to say no and be a little more selfish - focusing on what is important to me (well, kind of us - SB and I) and sticking with that. I have a tendency to be a bit of a promiscuous friend and I think it might pay to start focusing on a smaller group of friends but giving them the attention they deserve.
  • leopard print... call it my inner bogan screaming out but yesterday I wore two pieces of clothing that featured the pattern (okay, one was the lining of my shoes, but still).
  • being taken out on a dinner date with the boy and an opportunity to give one of my new pretty dresses a debut!
  • warm foot baths - this may be TMI but I have an infected blister on my foot... SB has been making me nice antiseptic foot baths to soak my feet in while watching TV to try and heal my manky foot.
  • playing Tybalt as we ran through the first scene of Romeo and Juliet in one of my papers. I've played Juliet in Romeo and Juliet before but Tybalt is an awesome character... although no one does it as well as him.
  • Going to a friend's house tomorrow for drinks and chill-time for no other reason than that it is Saturday - a nice change after all the milestones in July :D


  1. Well don't you sound just delightful!? Sounds like you've been having a great few weeks & things are looking up!

    P.S. Sometimes, when you know, you just know. It's ok to get a little carried away =) x

  2. Ow. I had infected foot blisters between several toes once. I feel your pain. :)