Selling Yourself...

I've spent the best part of the evening (at work, shhhh don't tell) creating a C.V. for use in application for teaching jobs. What surprised me as a former marketer is how difficult I found it to create a "press release" of my teaching strengths - apparently it's easier for me to be effusive about a organic pop-tart than it is to be about myself.

I had to look back at reports that my associate teachers had given me on practicum to kick-start my ideas. What they said was true - I am a caring person that establishes relationships with my students. I learn all their names and pronounce them correctly. I have a broad general knowledge which helps me engage students better with the topic - I can usually think of an aspect that suits the student's personality and interest.

Perhaps it is easier to see our positives if we look through others' eyes. SB and I were talking about the nicest thing that someone had ever done for us and he told me that it would have been one of the things I had done for him but he was having trouble choosing which one... I guess that age-old adage is true "To the world you may only be one person, but to one person you may be the world"

Your thoughts?

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  1. It's hard isn't it - I'm recently learning to acknowledge my strengths and not just focus on what I did wrong or what I need to work on in my study - it's hard but it's an important part of knowing what is good about you and how you do things wells so you can do things again. And I'm just beginning to realize that it feel good to acknowledge that yes these things are good about me :) and that I don't have to beat myself up all the time :) but I'm right there with you, it's hard!