Literary Inspiration: Abraham Lincoln on Happiness

People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.
- Abraham Lincoln
I went out shopping today for a pair of thermals. It appears that I left it too late and all the ones for women of a curvy nature have disappeared off shelves. Hauling on a pair that I knew would be too small to fit, I could almost smell my own discontent. Stupid thermals, stupid shop, stupid-fat-ass-on-me-why-the-hell-don't-I lose-weight grrrrrrrrr.
Then I lifted my head up to the fitting room and mirror and smiled. I don't really have that much to be upset about. I get to go on an awesome holiday tomorrow with my darling PianoMan and we get to stay in a gorgeous hotel and spend some uninterrupted time together. If I'm freezing, it's just a good reason to snuggle.
So often, happiness is just how we choose to frame something - what we focus on as being important. Sometimes we can be less-than-happy, choosing to live in the now than focus on the joy yet to come (I know that this happens with university work and I A LOT) and sometimes it is the reverse, spoiling the happiness of now with what must unfortunately and inevitably come (like end of holidays).
Not finding thermals today meant that I had the cash to buy a pair of three quarter leggings with lace around the ends (had been on my must buy list), means I have more money to spend in Christchurch and meant I was out of the mall earlier - meaning I could come into work earlier and earn more cash. Frame the situation right and the happiness will leap out at you.
Scribblettes, what's something you can reframe today?


  1. Such a positive attitude :), I think at times when I feel the worse I can get into a spiral where everything gets coloured by negativity - trying to re frame things in a positive light makes all the difference.
    On a side note - the is a outlet store - the LWR store here in CHCH that has masses of cheap thermals for sale (merino too) just might be what your looking for.

  2. Wise, wise, wise! It's true, sometimes happiness means focusing on the moment and sometimes it means looking to the future. Perfectly articulated.

  3. What a fabulous attitude you have! It's so true that almost anything has a positive side if you look hard enough for it. Thanks for inspiring me today :D